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Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres

Plesk Webbuilder Download EXCLUSIVE

The file sharing function of Plex Onyx makes it possible to save data on your own server and retrieve it the same way you would from cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. In addition, the uploaded files can be made available to selected user groups so that they can also access them. But the upload is only possible for administrators and additional users created under subscriptions belonging to the administrator. Third parties, such as customers, can only download files via provided download links. The advantages of Plesk filing sharing are obvious:

plesk webbuilder download

Publicly-shared files are always shared with all users who have access to file sharing through their subscriptions. In this case, no authorization is required for downloading via direct link. If content should only be available to particular user groups, then the corresponding files can be given a password.

After you download the bundled certificate, intermediate certificate, and your issued SSL certificate, install all of the files on your Web server. For more information, see Download my SSL certificate files.




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