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Vadim Savin
Vadim Savin

[S2E16] There's The Rub

I typically don't have any sympathy for Dean, but damn ... Rory has the house all to herself and she wants to do laundry instead of hanging out with him. HARSH. What she's really saying is that Dean no longer gives her lady boners and she only wants to spend time with him when it's 100% convenient for her. Instead of clearly stating any of this, because she's obviously in denial, she cloaks these feelings with lame excuses, so I can see why Dean tries to rationalize away her actions. Realistically, he knows she's pulling away, but she's not doing it directly enough, so Dean continues to think there's a chance he can hold onto her.

[S2E16] There's the Rub

"Bon Voyage" (Season 7, Episode 22)Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and her writing partner/husband Daniel Palladino left the show before Season 7 began, and as a result there's a noticeable decline in quality. The duo is back for the revival, but Sherman-Palladino has said she hasn't watched Season 7. So why should you? If anything, just watch the finale to see where everyone left off before "A Year in the Life."

Though I'm sure we all have episodes of the series that we like less than others (as well as ships, which is my way of saying how could anyone ship Rory/Dean are you insane), truly bad Gilmore Girls episodes simply don't exist to fans. Sure, maybe there's some that we just fail to remember altogether, and there are always going to be the ones we favor less, but overall they're all pretty great. Of course, super-fans are likely to all be in agreement as to which are truly the best episodes of Gilmore Girls ever (and for the most part, these are universal), but every fan also has their own personal favorite episode which they believe deserves a little more love. And the most underrated Gilmore Girls episode, in my opinion, is Season 2, Episode 16 ("There's The Rub").

But how can you level up your viewing experience at home? Whether you're a Netflix in-bed, a projector on the wall or a cuddle-on-the-sofa watcher, there's one thing we all have in common. We want to be cosy! 041b061a72




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