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Lisa Gerrard - Now We Are Free - ORIGINAL Music (Gladiator)

Gerrard first began forming bands and creating original music as a member of Melbourne's Little Band scene, an experimental post-punk scene which flourished from 1978 until 1981.[3] It was in this scene that she first met Dead Can Dance co-founder Brendan Perry.[3] Perry recalls, "It never occurred to me that we would one day collaborate musically together because at the time I thought her music was too avant-garde. I particularly remember one song that she sang about finding a man in the park and asking her mother if she could bring him home to keep in her wardrobe as she attacked this chinese dulcimer with two bamboo sticks".[4] Around this time, Gerrard became the lead vocalist of Microfilm, which released "Window", and one single, "Centrefold", in 1980, via Unforgettable Music label.[5] The group issued a third song, "Summer House", on Ron Rude's From Belgrave With Love compilation, which was released by Cleopatra Records in 1981.[5]

Lisa Gerrard - Now We Are Free - ORIGINAL Music (Gladiator)


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