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Nadodi Mannan Malayalam Movie Download

Nadodi Mannan Malayalam Movie Download

Nadodi Mannan is a 2013 Malayalam satirical action comedy film directed by Viji Thampi and starring Dileep, Sayaji Shinde, Nedumudi Venu, Ananya, Archana Kavi and Mythili. The film is a satire that portrays how corruption and favoritism engulfs a place and how it is curbed by a common man who becomes the mayor of the city. The film was released on 18 October 2013 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences.[1]


The film begins with Vinayachandran, an environmentalist getting killed by Pushpam Prakashan, a real estate criminal who has the backing of the ruling party, police and a corrupt Mayor Purushothaman for his illegal projects. Prakashan's next target is an old man Damodaran's house and its surrounding plot occupied by him and his granddaughter Meera. Damodaran approaches higher officials to save his property, but they all turn out to be Prakashan's associates. One night, Prakashan's henchmen attack Damodaran and try to kidnap Meera. In the tussle, Damodaran stabs himself and Prakashan's henchmen hospitalize him as his death will bring trouble to Prakashan.


The film then shifts to Palakkad where Padmanabhan lives. He is a carefree and cheerful guy who along with his friends does road shows, artificial political rallies, marches and hails for movies in theatres for daily wages. One day, he gets a call from Thiruvananthapuram to get his gang for organizing a political rally in support of Mayor Purushothaman to boost his image in the upcoming election. Padmanabhan and his gang leave to Thiruvananthapuram the next day and he gets injured in a bomb blast and gets hospitalized. Padmanabhan unknowingly involves in the various issues happening there. When the people find a leader's characteristics in him, they and Thiruvithancore (Travancore) Thirumanassu force him to contest in the upcoming election. He wins the election and becomes the next mayor.

Being the mayor of the city, Padmanabhan is loved by everybody as he starts building public parks and facilities for the common people. He also asks the people to give away the places which really belong to the government. By seeing all these changes, Prakashan gets furious and tries to kill Padmanabhan but the plan doesn't go as planned when Padmanabhan's mother and his chauffeur Subair get killed in the accident made by Prakashan's henchman Kannappan. Padmanabhan vows to take revenge on Prakashan and expose his crimes to the public. He also learns that Meera is his childhood friend whom he had lost contact with. He rescues her from Prakashan's clutches and marries her. He also succeeds in bringing Prakashan and his associates to justice with the help of a journalist named Anjali who helps him in his crusade.


  • Dileep as Padmanabhan / Mayor Padmanabhan

  • Sayaji Shinde as Pushpam Prakashan

  • Nedumudi Venu as Damodaran

  • Ananya as Meera

  • Archana Kavi as Anjali

  • Mythili as Padmanabhan's mother

  • Jagathy Sreekumar as Thiruvithancore (Travancore) Thirumanassu

  • Salim Kumar as Kannappan

  • Suraj Venjaramoodu as Subair

  • Vijayaraghavan as Mayor Purushothaman

  • Riyaz Khan as Vinayachandran

  • Kalabhavan Shajohn as Police Commissioner

  • Sadiq as Minister

  • Anoop Chandran as Padmanabhan's friend

  • Bheeman Raghu as Police Officer

  • Chali Pala as Doctor

  • Ponnamma Babu as Nurse

  • Geetha Vijayan as Damodaran's daughter-in-law

  • Kochu Preman as Padmanabhan's uncle

  • Shaju as Padmanabhan's friend

  • Shammi Thilakan as Prakashan's lawyer

  • Sukumari as Padmanabhan's grandmother

  • T. P. Madhavan as Judge

  • Vinaya Prasad as Padmanabhan's aunt


The film's music was composed by Vidyasagar and the lyrics were written by Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri. The film had four songs:[2]

  • "Aalilakkanna Nintea" - K. S. Chithra, Vijay Yesudas

  • "Chenthengin Ponnilaneeru" - K. S. Chithra, M. G. Sreekumar

  • "Kannodu Kannoram" - Shreya Ghoshal, Karthik

  • "Thiruvona Pularithan" - K. J. Yesudas, K. S. Chithra

Where to watch Nadodi Mannan online?

If you are looking for a legal way to watch Nadodi Mannan online, you can stream it on Disney+ Hotstar, a popular OTT platform that offers a variety of Malayalam movies and shows. You can watch Nadodi Mannan with a subscription or a VIP plan on Disney+ Hotstar.[3] You can also rent or buy the movie on YouTube or Google Play Movies.[4][5]


Nadodi Mannan is a Malayalam movie that deals with the theme of corruption and how a common man fights against it. The movie has a mix of comedy, action and romance and features Dileep in a dual role of a carefree guy and a responsible mayor. The movie has some entertaining moments and songs, but also suffers from a weak script and direction. The movie received mixed reviews from critics and audiences and was an average performer at the box office.[1]


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