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Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres

Bricscad License Key Serial

1 month after I purchased V14, I had a hard disk failure with my computer. I had difficulty reactivating Briscad so I submitted a support request. They did re-set my license key, so I was able to re-activate. Unfortunately for me, the replacement drive (a brand new SSD) failed 30 days after I installed it. When your computer won't even boot, you obviously cannot de-activate a license. I was able to re-activate, but now the 2 activations (you are allowed to install it on 2 computers provide there is not concurrent use.) were used up, so when I tried to install it on the replacement desktop system, I once again had to ask for the license to be re-set. Once again, they re-set the license so I could install the program on the desktop system. Briscad's support during these issues has been excellent. Also keep in mind that you can run it in trial mode for 30 days while you are waiting. (It took a month to get the warranty replacement drive.)

Bricscad License Key Serial

That being said, I have never been a fan of any copy protection scheme dating back to the floppy bad sector scheme used by Lotus 123. I have plenty of stories about software that I could not get to work after minor changes. (How about running checkdsk on a hard drive, and finding out that a program will never work again.) I have requested a less aggressive form of copy protection be used in Bricscad. My attitude is that if Windows does not need to be reactivated, then Briscad should not either. The status of that request is "fix scheduled", so hopefully a copy protection scheme that allows you to change hard drives and restore from an image backup like I had to do twice in a 30 day period will not necessitate a support request for license activation.

I have read the previous threads regarding the license key and the recommendation by Alexander Van Heuverzwyn:"If you copy the /root/.wine/system.reg file to the current user(/home/username/.wine/system.reg), the trial key should be available."I have done this as well as tried to run it as root and neither was successful. Could this be because I run Debian and installed the .tgz file which doesn't utilize an 'installer'?Any other suggestions? I would love to try BricsCAD on my Debian Linux system.Thanks,Rob Davis

Hi...I also download Bricscad some time ago...I use opensuse 10.2I install a linux copy of BricsCAD for linux... But I can not run it... i think i simple did not know that I need to run icad file(i search for bricscad.exe I think)...So I can not run Bricscad... Yesterday I try one more time... And was asked for serial... Can You give any temporary key to try your product?I didn't receive any email from you with serial, it seems to me...

I'm sorry but I still haven't any 7th of march I called to Kharkov to SABIT...I tald 'boute my problem and ask to send me trial key... that day I sended an email to have no any answer untill nowI am single architecture... that want legalize soft... I almost find free tools... but have no CAD(my main program)...I discover some CAD's from other swmanufacturers... with price less than 1kUSD I have at least 5 choises...2 native linux cad's, 1 free, 1 any intelly base cad runned over wine, one more cad on java(crossplatform)...Your suggestion is looking pretty good for me... among the described choises. But I really want to try... I still even didn't run BricsCAD... How can I told that I want to buy it? I also did not want reinstall my system only to run bricscad for more 30(or any how much you give) days...As an example another cad(evolution vers) that installed in my system is working good till now. And I could try it any time I want. Only some problems with it, stopped me to choose it...(One is that it only on german language, that I did't know)thnx for time you spendmy email still I will be waiting

If you've just purchased BricsCAD, upgraded, or moving BricsCAD to a new machine, then you're going to need your BricsCAD licenses key. The good news is that you can't lose your keys, you can view and manage your license(s) anytime by logging into your Bricsys account.

The BricsCAD 30 day free trial download is a full commercial version of the BricsCAD Ultimate Edition. During the trial, customers can use the RUNASLEVEL command to try any of the BricsCAD Editions. At the end of the trial period, BricsCAD reverts to a free-of-cost 3D solid modeler, called BricsCAD Shape. At any time, a trial version (or an installation of BricsCAD Shape) can be converted to a full commercial license with the entry of a valid license key. The license key determines the user's Edition.

BricsCAD BIM, BricsCAD Mechanical and BricsCAD Ultimate were added to the BricsCAD product family in late 2018. Prior to V19, the BricsCAD BIM product was delivered as a module called "BIM for BricsCAD", and required a separate license of BricsCAD Platinum. BricsCAD Mechanical was added with the release of BricsCAD V19. It was based on the 3D direct modeling functionality sourced from the pre-V19 "Sheet Metal for BricsCAD" module, and additional MCAD toolsets, developed in-house.

Under some circumstances (no Internet connection, License Server stopped, etc.), it may not be possible to complete successfully the automatic activation of a license. If this happens, you will get a warning window including the "Computer code" an the steps needed to Activate it manually

Under some uncommon circumstances (no Internet connection, License Server stopped, etc.), it may not be possible to complete successfully the automatic deactivation of a license. If this happens, the license will be deactivated on your computer and you will get a warning window including the "Deactivation code" and the steps needed to Re-activate it manually

This program is protected by US and international copyright law as described in the license agreement. Menhirs NV. All rights reserved. Bricsysnv - Bellevue, 5/201 - 9050 GENT - Belgium

Click on the Licenses and Support Contracts option in the list and you will see a screen showing all the license keys that have been assigned to you. You can use this as a check to ensure that the keys delivered to you by your reseller match with and are the same as those you see here.

If you notice, each license key is accompanied by a product description. If you click on it, you get more information about the license, like the Start Date of subscription, End Date of subscription, whether the license has been activated or not, and so on. This is where you can check the status of licenses, and you can also manually activate your licenses, if the computer where BricsCAD is installed does not have an internet connection.

Now, you can manage all your BricsCAD licenses yourself. The username and password to enter the customer account is sent to you the very first time you download BricsCAD and an account gets created in BOA (Bricsys Online Administration). Please note this down and remember the credentials of your customer account. There is a wealth of information and a lot of self-help you can get from this account.




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