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Vadim Savin
Vadim Savin

Softmaker Office Suite 2012 For Windows

Another area of historic contention in office suites is whether to use dropdown menus or a Microsoft-style ribbon UI. The ribbon arrived in Office 2007, partly intended to make the numerous features more discoverable, and partly to make Microsoft Office more distinctive. It was contentious at the time, and SoftMaker maintains neutrality by giving users a choice at first startup, or later in preferences. Options include light and dark, ribbon or dropdown menus, and a "Touch mode" for easier tablet use.

softmaker office suite 2012 for windows

SoftMaker Office Standard 2012 is a office suite package.SoftMaker Office Standard already comes with TextMaker, PlanMaker, SoftMaker Presentations, and BasicMaker.It not only works seamlessly with the old Microsoft Office formats DOC, XLS, and PPT, but also faithfully reads and writes files in the new DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX formats that have been introduced with Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010.

SoftMaker Office has similar functionality to other office suites such as Microsoft Office or LibreOffice, and can also run from USB flash drives and supports integrated reference works. Multi-language spell-checking, hyphenation and thesaurus is supported, and it has an integrated five-language translation dictionary (English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish).

SoftMaker Office is also available for Android smartphones and tablets. It includes TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Presentations. These apps offer the full feature set of a desktop office suite with word processing, spreadsheets and presentation graphics on mobile devices.

SoftMaker Office 2016 is a reliable office suite application, when it comes to dealing with documents of all kinds. The cheaper price tag, yet rich in features make this application a great choice for all types of users. It runs smoothly, without any lag or crashes. If the UI of the application recieves a new design, it would make the application a perfect choice. It is definitely recommended.

If you are someone who like change and experimenting on new things, then the thought of finding an alternative to MS Office is not a new one. I have been on the lookout for alternatives an I came across SoftMaker Office 2012. Clearly, even from its name, the package was released in 2012. it comes as a suite with a Word processor called TextMaker, PlanMaker and Presentations. Below is my experience while using the software.

I didn't think I'd want to pay for an office suite with OpenOffice around, but SoftMaker have made a great product! The compatibility with MSOffice is excellent, which is important to me, and a reason why I've been looking for something else than OOO. It is also a very quick office suite. The applications start pretty much instantly, something which unfortunately cannot be said of OpenOffice (which certainly has other advantages).There are some things which can still use some improvement, but overall I'm very happy with my purchase!FYI: SoftMaker also provide a very good academic licensing.

Softmaker is more stable than Openoffice, at least when I use it. It is available for Windows, Pocket PC CE and higher, Linux, including Ubuntu. the Pocket PC version is full featured!Note: The final release of the new versions other than windows can be found at

This page compares the features of LibreOffice 7.5.0 (download) and SoftMaker Office 2018. It separates major and minor feature differences and also includes notes on LibreOffice extensions. The comparison highlights differences and therefore does not display any features which are present in both office suites.

SoftMaker Office 2018 is the latest version of the office suite from German developer, SoftMaker Software. It comes in two versions; Standard and Professional. The Standard version includes a word processor (TextMaker), spreadsheet (PlanMaker) and presentation (Presentations) programs. You also get an enhnaced version of the Mozilla Thunderbird email client. The Professional suite includes all Standard has to offer plus four Berlitz dictionaries.

The most popular office suite in the world, Microsoft Office, has evolved since its creation into one of the most indispensable programs for consumers. Currently, the most popular alternatives are LibreOffice and OpenOffice; but, there are many other office suites that you can use for free.

Choose SoftMaker Office 2012 as your office suite, and you will get the job done in less time and with better results. SoftMaker Office is reliable, powerful, fast, and easy to use.SoftMaker Office 2012 fills this requirement competently: It not only works seamlessly with the old Microsoft DOC, XLS, and PPT formats, but also faithfully reads and writes files in the new DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX formats that have been introduced with Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010.

Hi - I often find it handy to send a Word (or Excel, etc.) document by email directly from within Word (I have Word 2010). Historically, I have used Thunderbird in this role, but I have switched my main email account to emClient Pro (part of the Softmaker Office 2012 Pro suite). I cannot see how to set emClient Pro as the default mail application for MAPI - either from within emClient or from within Windows 8 32-bit. Any help would be appreciated.

LibreOffice is free and is based on OpenOffice that is compatible with files created from Microsoft Office which makes it a great alternative. Unlike other free office suites, LibreOffice even provides an official portable version directly from their website instead of taking the risk in downloading from unknown or untrustworthy sources. The portable version of LibreOffice contains Writer (Word), Calc (Excel), Draw (Visio), Impress (PowerPoint), Base (Access) and Math.

SSuite Office is another free office suite software and they provide a portable version known as the blade runner. It is compatible with all versions of Windows and it comes with two office components which is the WordGraph (Word) and Accel (Excel) while the rest are just utilities such as email client, file searching tool, web browser, address book, instant messenger, PDF creator and etc.

Nel 2003 vengono presentate nuove versioni di TextMaker per computer palmari, Pocket PC e per il sistema operativo Linux. Nel 2006 l'intera suite SoftMaker Office 2006 è disponibile sia per Windows che per Linux, una situazione che si ripeterà anche per le versioni 2008, 2010 e 2012. Proprio nel 2012 SoftMaker presenta SoftMaker Office Mobile per Android, prima versione della suite destinata ai dispositivi con sistema operativo Android e successivamente rinominata SoftMaker Office HD a partire dal 2014.

While plenty of suites are essentially Office clones, only two major suites operate differently: Corel WordPerfect Office, which is for Windows only, and Apple's iWork apps, which run only on Apple hardware or in limited versions in a browser. Apple's apps are sleek and up to date, while WordPerfect has an old-school look and feel that won't attract many new users. What sets the WordPerfect Office suite apart from others, however, is the fact that its namesake word processor, WordPerfect, is the only office app that gives you total control over every detail of the documents you produce. The suite comprises two more apps, Quattro Pro (a spreadsheet app) and Presentations.

Like other commercial office suites from Microsoft and SoftMaker, Corel WordPerfect Office comes in multiple versions. You certainly get what you pay for with the various versions. For most users, Corel WordPerfect Office Standard ($249.99) is the sweet spot unless you need to access Paradox databases created many years ago, in which case you'll want the Professional ($399.99) edition. Keep in mind that all the Corel WordPerfect Office suites are for Windows only, and the current version is 2021.

A basic $99.99 Home & Student version includes the standard office apps: WordPerfect word processor, Quattro Pro spreadsheet app, Presentations (the presentations app), and a bare-bones note-taking and file-viewing app called WordPerfect Lightning. The Oxford Concise Dictionary is built into the suite, and Corel also throws in its AfterShot 3 photo-editing software.

The one and only reason to go with WordPerfect Office as your office suite is for the WordPerfect word processor. The included spreadsheet app, Quattro Pro, is more than good enough, and Presentations is a decent presentation and graphics app. But no one would choose them over Excel or PowerPoint. WordPerfect, like Word, includes standard modern conveniences like PDF import and export, file comparison, and more.

As part of the WordPerfect suite, Quattro Pro has the advantage that it can use two kinds of automation, depending on what feels most comfortable. It can use the same PerfectScript macro language used by WordPerfect, or it can use its native Quattro Pro macro language, which dates to the time before the app became part of a suite. A law office that uses WordPerfect can easily create systems that automate the word processor and the spreadsheet for efficient large-scale business operations.




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