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Vadim Savin
Vadim Savin

Wwe The Shield Theme Song 2013 Mp3 |LINK| Free 246

And in this case, this movie, I dont know if you guys noticed it, that's a big, like, Spider-Man, like, the Iron Man, leading the team. And then down here, we've got Hulk. So, anyway, we've got two of the biggest names in the MCU, arguably the biggest name in the superhero world of these two characters, who are fighting for the same thing, and as much as we love that, we go from, you know, this is the story of the Shield, to, yeah, and then we're done. And then there's a beat. And then we go through the credits. And then we go into the opening of the show, and then, boom, we're done.

wwe the shield theme song 2013 mp3 free 246

I can say that my favorite parts of this song are probably the end, when it just starts to go, and you hear the chorus start to take shape, because thats when I could get really excited about it. It was also fun to do. It was fun to see if we could make it sound like it was written in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When we did Beauty and the Beast, we had a similar situation where we had to find some song that was big, epic, and heroic. We were not sure where it was going, and then once we created the song, we realized that it was a perfect song for the film. I think that song was a lot of fun to make.

Overall, Free Guy can be described as a light, rather slight film and probably better suited to stay-at-home audiences right now. But it delivers plenty of laughs and has plenty of cameos. Watch the trailer for Free Guy below:




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