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Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres

Where To Buy Alphatrak 2 Test Strips

AlphaTrak 3 starter kits and devices will be available for purchase. AlphaTrak 2 testing strips are not compatible with AlphaTrak 3 devices. Zoetis will continue to sell AlphaTrak 2 testing strips for use with the AlphaTrak 2 through September 2023.

where to buy alphatrak 2 test strips

AlphaTRAK pet blood glucose test strips are accurate and easy to use. The AlphaTRAK test strips require a small blood sample, provide quick results, and is made specifically for dogs and cats. This box contains 200 AlphaTRAK test strips.

AlphaTRAK 2 Blood Glucose Test Strips are designed to be used with either the AlphaTRAK or AlphaTRAK 2 meters, once the strips provided with the original kits run out. These test strips are accurate, easy to use and produce accurate results within seconds. These strips were specially designed to test blood sugar in dogs and cats and require a very small blood sample, reducing the stress of testing on you and your pet.

Another excellent choice to consider is the Pet Control HQ Blood Sugar Glucose Monitor System. Veterinarians recommend this brand as one of the best glucometers for dogs as it can ensure accurate glucose readings. For accuracy, the glucometer kit uses GDH enzyme test strips. Two code chips are used in its design, one for dogs and one for cats, to enhance its accuracy.

This kit also includes all the supplies and devices needed to test and track the glucose levels of dogs. It includes a glucometer, lancing device, glucose chip, 25 test strips, 28-gauge lancets, control solution, user guide, logbook, and storage case.

Also, make sure the meter comes with useful test strips/tips and lancets. You want to avoid creating extra pricks or collecting more blood than necessary to minimize stress and discomfort. In addition, you do not want to spend money having to replace supplies due to defects, user error, or other issues.

Keep the test strips away from children. The cap may be a choking hazard. The cap or vial contains drying agents to protect the test strips. Drying agents may be harmful if inhaled or swallowed and may cause skin or eye irritation. 041b061a72




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