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Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres

Where To Buy White Ribbon

Fundraising For A Cause has bulk White Ribbon Merchandise at low wholesale prices. The white ribbon represents causes like Bone Cancer and Lung Cancer Awareness. Our Fundraising Items are high quality and allow you to raise a bunch of money for White Ribbon Awareness causes. Our products include: White Ribbon Jewelry, White Ribbon Bracelets, White Ribbon Pins and much more. We also offer same day shipping if you order is placed by 3:00 pm EST so you don't have to worry about not getting your order in a timely manner.

where to buy white ribbon

Each year, White Ribbon urges men and boys to wear a white ribbon, starting on November 25, the International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women. The ribbon is worn as a personal pledge never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.White Ribbon Campaigns and their activities vary from country to country, but their main focus throughout the year is on: educational work in schools, workplaces and communities; support for local women's groups; and speaking out on issues of violence against women.

Uses: Decorating, craft projects, bows for any occasion and gift wrapping. Add a special touch to your floral arrangement with this beautiful ribbon. This ribbon can be used to wrap posts or fencing. Add a splash of color to an otherwise bland wall. Do not be afraid to experiment with different textures and widths of ribbons to add dimension to your products.

Boldly show your support of breast cancer awareness with these crew socks. Great to wear at walks, Relay for Life, team games (cheerleading and more!) or to use as fundraisers. We have had so many customers tell us the many ways they have used these socks, from children wearing them at football games where the team supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month to runners who use them to boldly show their support in a 5K. Use your socks to make a statement! Sublimity socks have a very bright, attractive print that will grab attention. They are moisture-wicking and feel awesome on the foot.

Wear your heart on your sleeve with an white ribbon pin on your lapel. This universal advocacy symbol and gesture of support demonstrates dedication to your heartfelt cause. Awareness ribbons help to educate communities about medical and social causes, mental health issues, as well as raise money for research. For this reason, our white pins send a powerful message without saying a word.

Advocate for your cause and the person you support by proudly wearing your white awareness ribbon pin in their honor. Awareness ribbons express love and hope to others during difficult times. In addition, they make meaningful fundraising items, survivor gifts, memorial keepsakes, promotional products, and donor rewards.

We see advocates use their white ribbon pins on everything from baseball hats to yoga mat bags. Nurses sport ribbons on their ID badges. Festival goers rock their ribbons on their lanyards. Teachers use them as pushpins for their bulletin boards. Often, students wear them on their backpacks to support a struggling classmate. PTAs fundraise with awareness ribbons to call attention to budget cuts and social issues. Chefs wear them on their aprons during Cooking for a Cause. The use of our white ribbons is endless.

Our 100% silk habotai pure white ribbon comes in two lengths. Select from 3 metres or 5 metres. The width of our ribbons are 5cm.This ribbon is ultra soft and floats beautifully from your bouquet. It is hand wound around a wooden spool, meaning that you shouldn't need to iron your product prior to using it on your wedding day. The ribbons are made to be very slightly frayed on the edge, but no so much that you will have loose threads come away from the ribbon. As our ribbons are hand dyed, there may be subtle differences from one spool to the next. Material specifications;

How much do I need to purchase to wrap around my bouquet?This is one of our most common questions we receive here at The Whole Bride. We would recommend around 1 metre per bouquet to get that soft, floaty look. If you would like the ribbon to be extra long from your bouquet, you can go up to 1.5 metres per bouquet.

Whether you're looking to embellish cards and invitations, decorate your wedding cake, create dazzling table displays or enjoy elegant material for hanging decorations, this high quality ribbon is sure to impress! The ribbon feels silky to touch and is available in a variety of gorgeous, bold colours.

We were founded to satisfy a demand for high quality ribbon and accessories at affordable prices. We stock a fantastic range of ribbon, gift bags, accessories & more.From Christmas items to Birthdays & weddings.

All ribbon comes on 10 yard rolls and is wired unless noted otherwise. If you buy your ribbon from us, we will tie your bows for free. But we can't ship bows for free if your order qualifies for free shipping. Shipping prices will apply! 041b061a72




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